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This Article is related to the  Open Campus/Free Diploma of the Islamic Online University.

1) What is the eligibility for the course certificate?

80% overall course average is required to be eligible to receive the certificate.

2) Is it mandatory to complete all free courses to receive the diploma?

No, you just need to complete any of the twenty-four available courses to be eligible for the General Diploma in Islamic Studies.

3) How will I get my certificate (electronic/soft copy) for the course?

After you complete the course with an average of 80% overall, you can receive your certificate by clicking on the certificate link which is under the Final Exam or in the activities block on the top left side of the course page.

4) What is the eligibility for the diploma certificate?

Any of the 24 courses provided must be completed with an 80% overall course average.

5) If I do the Diploma program does it count as a certificate for me to enter BAIS?

No, the diploma program is not counted as a certificate to enter into BAIS program. You are required to have a High School Certificate/Diploma to take admission for BAIS.

6) How do I apply for the Hardcopy of the course completion certificate?

Any student who wishes to own a laminated hard copy certificate signed by the chancellor of Islamic Online University Dr. Bilal Philips with IOU hologram has the opportunity to make a request. These certificates are given out only for subjects where the student has scored 80% and above.

Certificates will be mailed to your doorstep for a fee depending on the number of certificates requested. The maximum amount of hard copy certificates mailed at one time is three. The cost of one certificate is $20 USD. The second certificate is mailed to you for an additional $10 USD and third for $5 USD only. Therefore, the total amount for three certificates delivered to you at one time is $35 USD.

To submit your request for hard copy certificate, please fill this form here and then proceed to pay the fees. We will take care of the rest afterwards.

7) How do I apply for the Hardcopy of the General Diploma in Islamic Studies

Students who have completed 24+ courses may request a hard copy of their General Diploma in Islamic Studies and an official transcript. The fee for the General Diploma is $100 USD and there is an additional $10 USD for the official transcript. Thus, the total amount for the Diploma and the official transcript is $110 USD. Additionally, please note that a separate application for an official transcript is subjected to the $35 USD charge. To submit your request for the General Diploma and/or an official transcript, please click here

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