Enrollment and un-enrollment

This Article is related to the  Open Campus/Free Diploma of the Islamic Online University.

1) Is it compulsory to start from a level one course?

You can start with any course you wish. However, it is recommended that you start from level one.

2) I re-entered into my account after a very long time away and I cannot see the courses and grades I completed. What do I do?

You have been un-enrolled. If you do not access a diploma course for more than 90 days, you run the risk of being un-enrolled.

3) Why am I un-enrolled from the course?

If you do not access a diploma course for more than 90 days, you will run the risk of being un-enrolled from the course. If you are un-enrolled, you may re-enroll in the course and your past progress of that particular course will be restored.

4) If I un-enroll from a course, will I be allowed to take it back?

Yes, you are allowed to re-enroll anytime you want.

5) Can I choose to take only one particular course?

Yes, you can. 

6) Can I enroll myself in multiple courses at one time?

Yes, you may take more than one course at a time, but we recommend not studying too many courses in parallel. One course at a time is usually best.

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