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IOU Diploma offers a series of record low priced courses as an organized program of study. Students who follow the recommended sequence of courses will embark on a study program personally guided by Dr. Bilal Philips. The program provides an introduction to basic Islamic sciences and insight into the manhaj (way) of the Prophet ﷺ as embodied in the Qur'an and authentic Sunnah in accordance with the understanding of the first generation. The courses in this section have both contemporary and practical relevance to students.

Payment Plan: 

The Open Campus courses follow an annual payment system where the amount of contribution is decided by the student. The amount ranges from 1 USD per month (12 USD annually) to 10 USD per month (120 USD annually). 

Payment Mode: 
The payment can be made using the following link:
Course Categories:
  1. New Muslim Courses: These courses explain some of the most important points that new Muslims should be conscious of on the very first day and week of their conversion to Islam.
  2. Free Islamic Studies Diploma: These courses are designed to provide a systematic and organized study experience for knowledge seekers.
  3. IOU Special Workshops: These are a series of short courses on various topics of practical relevance. Most of them are free, while a few are priced nominally.

Highlights of the Courses:

  • The courses are self paced, i.e., there is no time limit to complete the diploma courses as long as you stay active on a regular basis. If you do not access a diploma course for more than 90 days, you run the risk of being unenrolled from it. Thus, it is recommended to frequently access the courses and study them as per your convenience.
  • There are no schedules for the courses. You can commence any course at any time. However, we recommend that the sequence is followed so that you are able to progress upwards in a structured manner.
  • There is no limit on the number of courses you can study simultaneously.
  • All tests and exams of the Diploma courses are conducted online, closed book and unsupervised. You may do them from wherever you are.

How to Access the Courses:

  1. Create a free account here.
  2. Activate your account via the activation link sent to your Inbox. Do not forget to check the spam/junk box in case if the activation email lands there.
  3. Login to your account here.
  4. Click on the course that you would like to study here.
  5. Click on the ‘Access’ button, and you will be able to access the course.
  6. After enrolling in a course, you will have access to a series of modules each consisting of text, (usually) audio, and video sources. All you have to do is read the text thoroughly, watch/listen to the video/audio component and proceed to the quiz of that particular module. The quizzes are all Multiple Choice Questions. Please ensure that you read the ‘Course Instructions’ once you join the course.

Useful Links:

  1. For more details about the free Diploma courses, please follow this link.
  2. To view courses, please click here.
  3. To sign up for the courses, please follow this link.
  4. Diploma Student Guide
  5. General Course Instructions


  1. The Diploma courses do not carry academic weight (i.e., they are unaccredited).
  2. You are required to complete any 24 courses from Levels 1-6 with a score of 80% or above in all module tests and the final exam in order to qualify for the Diploma in Islamic Studies certificate.  
  3. Completion of the Diploma courses does not qualify you for the BA in Islamic Studies (BAIS) program at IOU.
  4. You can apply for certificates of individual courses as well as the Diploma as a whole. 
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