Advance Diploma Program

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The Advanced Diploma stream comes under the Open Education Program (OEP). 

OEP is especially characterized by the university’s aim to cater for the special needs of all students across the globe who do not have a high school diploma or any equivalent/above provable education qualification to be admitted to any undergraduate program, or meet the eligibility requirement to gain admission to the undergraduate or graduate program, yet wish to study and grow in their learning. The Open Education Program opens its door wide to accommodate all individuals who are enthusiastic about learning and gaining knowledge. 

Features of the Advanced Diploma Program
a) The maximum duration of the  
  • 4-year BAIS, BEd, BSc Psy, BSc IBE, BSc IT, BBA-IF, BA Arb Advanced Diploma course is 12 years. 
  • 2-year MAIS Advanced Diploma course is 4 years.
The maximum duration implies that a student must finish the program within the aforementioned time frame.
b) Applicable fees are similar to the degree program
c) The credits earned  do not carry the equivalent of the university credits nor count toward the admission requirement of any of the accredited degrees, diplomas, higher diploma, or certificate programs at the IOU.
d) The study materials, curriculum, and classes of the regular undergraduate and graduate programs, and of the Advanced Diploma program are completely identical except that Advance Diploma Students are not required to write Thesis. While the students share the same classes, discussion forums, and recorded supplementary sessions conducted by the teachers, it is not possible to identify who is enrolled under which program. Hence, there is no discrimination between students enrolled through the mainstream programs and those of the Advance Diploma under OEP. Thus, the students of the Advanced Diploma may attend classes and sit for the exams freely without any hesitation.
e) The same marking system is applicable for the IOU Advanced Diploma as well.
A few frequently asked questions about the Advance Diploma program: 
What certificate will be issued by the IOU to students who successfully complete the IOU OEP? Will it be a degree?
The students will receive a diploma where it will be clearly mentioned on the certificate and the transcript that this diploma does not carry university credits. It is not a Degree Certificate. 
Do I need to upload any documents for admission to the Advanced Diploma program?
For administrative purposes, the students applying for the OEP are required to upload their scanned photo ID (passport/national ID card) and a passport-size color photo to begin their university-level courses. 
Can I transfer to a degree program from the Advance Diploma program during my studies?
Credits can be transferred to the IOU undergraduate or graduate degree programs for those who meet the minimum requirement for the respective degree program. 
Will other universities accept the Advanced Diploma or the Intensive Arabic Program (IAP) certificate of the IOU OEP graduates to gain admission to any of the accredited degree/diploma/certificate programs?
The admission is subject to the discretion of the admissions office of the university a student would apply to.
Will offices/schools accept the Advanced Diploma or the IAP certificate of IOU OEP graduates to teach there?
The employment acceptance is subject to the discretion of the particular organization where an OEP graduate would apply.
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