Enrollment for Extra courses under Additional Course Policy

This guide is for the students of the  Degree Campus of the Islamic Online University for all the streams except IAP

The students of the various accredited Bachelor’s, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Master’s, Certificate Programs, Dual Program and Open Education Program (excluding Intensive Arabic Program students) at the IOU are hereby granted the opportunity to enroll into additional courses from other streams of undergraduate level programs. Such courses are termed as ‘additional courses’ due to the fact that they are not included in the specified curriculum of the students’ current streams of studies. The additional courses may be taken from a combination of other streams of study.

The postgraduate students of the Higher Diploma and the Master’s Programs may enroll into the courses from among the various undergraduate programs. The Master’s Degree students may also take courses from other Master’s Programs when they become available. The undergraduate students may not take any course from any of the postgraduate programs. The Intensive Arabic Program (IAP) and Youth Dual Credit Program (YDCP) students are outside the scope of this policy.

Currently, this policy includes the various accredited Bachelor’s, Diploma, and Certificate Programs at the IOU from the following 6 departments:

  1. Department of Education
  2. Department of Islamic Economics, Banking, and Finance
  3. Department of Psychology
  4. Department of Islamic Studies
  5. Department of Business Administration
  6. Department of Information Technology

Under this policy, the Dual Program students may enroll into courses from streams other than their two streams of study.

Maximum Additional Courses Count per Semester

The students may enroll into a maximum 1 additional course from another stream per semester during the course of their study in a given program. This applies to both the regular students and the Dual Program students.

Important Points to Note

  1. The students who wish to take additional courses from other streams need to pay the regular semester fee as per their mainstream of study.
  2. At any point in time in a given semester, a student is not allowed to enroll into more than 12 courses.
  3. The courses of Bridge Diploma to MAIS and Intensive Arabic Program are not available under this policy.

Procedure to Enroll into Additional Course:

  1. Contact Helpdesk and mention the Additional Course you wish to enroll into.
  2. The Helpdesk Officers will review your request and if it falls under the aforementioned policies, you will be manually enrolled into the selected course. 
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