Final Exam Procedure

These steps are for the students of the  Degree Campus of the Islamic Online University.

Students enrolled in the courses of the Degree Campus are required to attempt one final exam per semester, except students of the Intensive Arabic Program (IAP), who are required to give two final exams per semester. The exam dates for your respective stream can be found on the Events Schedule. Outlined below is the procedure for giving the exam from start to finish.

Preliminary Checks

  1. Ensure that you have registered your choice of exam center with IOU before the scheduled deadlines. Kindly follow this link for further details.
  2. Contact your centre a week before the exam to check if they:  
  1. Are still ready to accommodate you during the exam period. This is your responsibility and IOU will not be held responsible for any changes made by the centre at the last moment. However, if the centre is unable to host the exam for you, kindly contact us here immediately.
  2. Have received password details from IOU. If they have not received it yet, report it to us immediately here.

The Exam Period

  1. The link for the final exam is located at the end of each course page.
  2. You will be prompted for a password.
  3. Ask the proctor of your center to enter the password. Your final exam has commenced now.
  4. Proceed to attempt the exam and submit the answers after checking your choices thoroughly.
  5. Your final exam grades will be displayed immediately.
  6. Proceed in a similar manner for the remaining enrolled courses.

Should you or your proctor face any technical/password/ reset issues during the final exam, you can contact us immediately at or via Live Chat Support. Our HelpDesk executives are available 24/7 during the exam period to assist you with any complications. Additionally, acquaint yourself with the Final Exam Reset Procedure.

Please Note:

  • There is no specific timetable for each course.
  • Students can attempt any exam on any day within the prescribed period.
  • If you are unable to attempt the exam in the normal exam period, you can attempt it in the late exam period with a 15% deduction of marks.

The final exam link is deactivated between the normal exam period and the late exam period. It is active only during the exam periods provided.

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