Intensive Arabic Program ( IAP)

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Intensive Arabic Program Admission

Intensive Arabic Program (IAP) is a two-year program with a total of eight courses (two courses per semester). IAP concentrates on reading, writing, and listening to Arabic; it focuses on Arabic basic conversation skills.

The course is open to everyone and while there are no admission prerequisites, those not fluent in reading Arabic script are required to complete the Arabic 100 program before joining the Intensive Arabic.

You can view the curriculum for IAP here.

Admission Process

Admissions are open all year long.

IAP Semester Sessions

There are two semesters per year; the Fall semester begins from September and the Spring semester starts from March.

However, an IAP semester is divided into two sessions; Session 1 and Session 2. The duration of each session is 2.5 months and contains one IAP ARB course. Therefore, it can be summarized as, during one semester of IAP you enroll in and study two courses.

IAP ARB 100 (Pre-beginners)

ARB 100 is a 6-month course designed for those who do not know how to read the Arabic script.

This course does not follow the 2.5 month IAP sessions.

The course develops Arabic reading and writing skills gradually and logically without requiring the learner to memorize all 28 letters of the alphabet and their 112 variations before learning to read and write. It has been modified with English explanations and presentations to further simplify the learning process for adult English speakers.

Do you need to enroll in ARB 100?

If you are a complete beginner to Arabic or not fluent in reading Arabic script (e.g., you have trouble reading the Quran), you will be required to complete the Arabic 100 course before joining the Intensive Arabic Program.


  1. Kindly register yourself by creating an account here.
  2. Next proceed to pay the admission fee of USD 10 here, following which you can proceed to upload the following documents here

    1. Photo ID [passport, driver's license or any government ID]
    2. Photo
    Please note that each file cannot exceed 2 MB and you must adhere to the format given or else, the upload will not be successful. 
    Thereafter, you will receive a response from the Registrar's Office within 24-72 hours. 

   3) Upon receiving the acceptance email, proceed to pay the fees. Easy instructions will be sent with the acceptance email.

After you have paid your fee, you may proceed to enroll in the semester.

Please note: Once you pay your fees and enroll in your semester, that will be your first semester and the starting point of your program.


Click here and select your country of residence to see the course fee.

These are the only fees we charge per semester. The course is tuition-free and the course material is also provided free of cost. 

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