BA in Islamic Studies Degree Program

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BA in Islamic Studies (BAIS) is a four-year degree program (8 semesters; 6 courses per semester) which may be completed in a minimum of 3 years (6 semesters if a student takes more than full course load; 9 courses per semester) and a maximum of 12 years (24 semesters). Students can take one to six courses per semester. However, the entire program has to be completed within a maximum of twelve years.

The following table summarizes all the information you require to join the BAIS Program: 

Duration  Part-time mode: 12 years  
Regular mode: 4 years 
Accelerated mode: 3 years 

Note: A year comprises of 2 semesters of 6 months each.

Study Plans
Total number of mandatory courses  48 
Course Description
Minimum Requirement  Anyone of the following:
  • High School Certificate
  • 3 A levels
  • 5 O levels
  • WAEC
  • NECO
Please adjust the following two parameters in this link to check the fee: 
  1. Your country of residence
  2. Study Mode
Study Method
  1. 25-30 Module Tests in each course to be given from home. 
  2. The Midterm exam is to be given in each course to be given from home 
  3. The Final exam is to be given in each course at an IOU approved exam center
Faculty Contact  Yes; via emails or Whatsapp
Live Sessions  Only for Tajweed courses
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Admission Process
Enrollment Periods  Spring Semester - March
Fall Semester - September 

You can also watch the following video for a visual guide to the complete admission process: 

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