Exam Center Registration

Exam Center Registration

These steps are for the students of the  Degree Campus of the International Open University.


All enrolled students are required to register an exam center for the final exams. Students are required to check the rules and regulations mentioned here before registering for an exam center.

Note: All students who will sit exams have to register an exam center each semester even if they are using the same center as in previous exams.
IAP students are required to register for the exam center for each session separately.

Finding a Suitable Exam Center

Existing Center Registration

  1. See all IOU-approved exam centers in your country/city of residence, here.
  2. If you have found a suitable exam center in your area:

Contact the exam center via phone or email and verify the following final exam arrangements with them. See if:

  • they are available for the upcoming final exams. Please see the Final Exam Dates here
  • they have time slots for the normal and late exam periods (ask them if they would be available on weekends, weekdays, or both).
  • they charge a fee and how much. If they do, then you will be required to pay it yourself.
  • they have arrangements for your gender.
  • they have computers available; otherwise, you will have to take your own laptop, etc.
  • they have an internet connection; otherwise, you will have to use your own 3G/4G connection.

Based on your satisfaction and center’s availability, register the center as explained in the ‘How to Register’ section below.

Note: IAP students need to register the exam center for each session selecting the appropriate session when registering.

New Center Registration

If you have not found a suitable exam center in your area. You can suggest a new center of your choice.

  • The requirements for a new exam center can be verified here.
  • You are required to suggest the new center here.

The relevant department will verify your request and email you regarding the status of the request.

  • Once the center is approved, proceed to register the exam center as described below.

How to Register Your Center Choice

1.Visit the exam center registration portal  here
2. Read through the instructions.
3. Click 'Register' at the bottom of the page.
4. You will be directed to another page mentioning all the approved exam centers in your country of residence mentioned in your profile.
5. Select the exam center by clicking the “Choose” button.
6. Agree to the terms
You will see the successful registration of the center of your choice. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email for the registered center of your choice within a few days.

Non-Resident Center Registration

If you are not in your country of residence during the exam period due to vacation or travel for work, family reasons, etc., you will need to register an exam center in your temporary place of residence and have it approved by the IOU centers management by providing your reasons for travel. You can do so here. After your request has been approved you will be able to register in a non-resident country.

Note: In all cases, you have to contact the exam center of your preferred choice well in advance and confirm if the center is willing to accommodate you during the final exam period. Only then should you proceed for the registration.

Late Registration

  1. The due dates for registering the new exam center or the already approved center are indicated here.
  2. If a student misses the registration due date, s/he will be required to pay a fine of $10 US. This fine applies to those who did not register at an already approved exam center and those who did not submit a new center for approval by the due dates.

Please follow the steps below to register an exam center after the due date:

1. Contact an IOU approved exam center and make arrangements with them if they are willing to accommodate you. For more details, see the above text under the “Finding Suitable Exam Center” paragraph.

2. Once the center agrees to accommodate you, you can proceed to register for the exam center. Furthermore, 10 USD late center registration fees will be required to be paid. You can register for the center either after paying the late exam center registration fee or register before paying the late exam center registration fee as it can be paid along with your next semester's fee.

Please check the payment guidelines here.

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