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1. Which universities does IOU have an affiliation with?
IOU has Memorandums of Understanding and Letters of Intent with several universities worldwide. The details are available in this link:

2. IOU has Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with different universities. Will they accept my degree there for further studies?
The admission is subject to the discretion of the Admissions Office of the university a student would apply to. Institutions may have a list of colleges and universities that they consider acceptable and they would also have admission requirements for different programs. So, it is recommended that you check with the institution where you might want to do further studies or seek employment.

3. Further accreditation in your country:

Once you complete your degree, you would receive your bachelor's degree attested by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education in Somalia as that is our primary accrediting body. Then we recommend you to get further attestation in your country of residence or in the country where you are seeking to apply for further education or employment, following the below two steps:

  • Your attested degree/diploma/certificate which you will receive from IOU, should be taken for further attestation to the Somalian embassy in your country of residence or in the country where you are seeking to apply for further education or employment . 
  • The next step will be to take that attested document to the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs for attestation as well.

Upon completion of these two steps, you now have a document which would be recognized by all the institutions, organizations or business where you apply in your country or in other countries in different parts of the world, in sha Allah.

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