1. How to download the audios/videos onto my PC?

Click on the link of the respective module, a new page will open and you will find the link to download audio/ video along with the option of streaming them live. It is better to have a "download manager" to download larger files.
2. Do the Audio and Video files cover the same lectures or are they different?
Yes, the audio files have been extracted from the videos.
3. Why don't some courses have audio files, e.g. Psychology 101?
Some courses require video explanatory visuals. Therefore, the university does not provide audios for such courses.
4. How can I check my academic progress in the current semester?
 You academic progress can be viewed on My Homepage; top right-hand corner in Overview report table. It shows your progress in the course and it is according to the percentage of the module test covered and other categories credited. You must note that it is the final percentage that will be credited to the grade history and it should be 60% or more for the student to clear the course.
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