Midterm/Final exam

1. What should I do if there is a power or internet failure during the final exam (at the exam center) and receive a zero at the end?
Immediately contact the IOU Exam Help Desk without leaving the exam center. At the request of the proctor, you will be given another attempt.
2. How many questions will there be in each exam and what is the allotted time?
There are 50 questions, and you will have 75 minutes to complete the test. This format may change in some courses.
3. Are all multiple choice questions (MCQs)?
Yes. All exams are MCQs.
4. When should I take the midterm and final exams?
You may attempt the exams anytime during the specified period. During this period exams will be open round the clock. However, IOU strongly recommends that you finish all exams by morning of the last day of the exam period. IOU does not assume responsibility if you are unable to attempt tests due to power or internet failure, etc. It is the student's responsibility to finish the exams during the given period. Maximum flexibility has been given in terms of the time period.
5. What happens if I do not attempt one or more course exams?
Those who fail to complete the exams before the deadline will have an opportunity to take make-ups at a 15% loss.
6. Are there any exceptions?
Besides going on Hajj, the only excuse for exemption from the 15% penalty would be a verifiable health problem. Providing a medical certificate or a doctor's note is mandatory in order to be exempt.
7. What happens if I fail to take the midterm exams during the late exam period?
You will miss all your chances of attempting the midterm exams in the existing semester and will be given a zero for the missed exams. IOU will not allow any more attempts in the current semester. However, you may attempt the exam in the following semester by applying for grade transfer.
8. What happens if I fail to take the final exams during the late exam period?
You will fail the subject as giving the final examination is compulsory. However, you may attempt the final exam of the course in the following semester by applying for grade transfer.
9. Will the pre-midterm module tests be available after the midterm exam begins?
Yes, the pre-midterm module tests will be available until the make-up tests period begins. Module tests should be completed before attempting the midterm exams.
10. Will the post-midterm module tests be available after the commencement of the final exams?
Yes, the post-midterm module tests will be available until the make-up period for final exams. However, the module tests should be completed before taking the final exams.
11. Do I have to take the exams in a particular order, e.g. Aqeedah 101 first followed by Arabic 101?
No. You may take them in any order you wish.
12. Are there any special precautions I need to take?
Yes. Before you start, make sure that:
  1. You have 75 uninterrupted minutes to do the exams. Once started, the timer cannot be paused.
  2.  A good internet connection is must. Please do not start an exam if the connection is poor.
  3. Your area is not scheduled for a power outage (in countries where this is frequent)
  4. Except the one in which you are doing your exam, Close all other windows and tabs on your browser and computer.
  5. Except your security application, no other application is accessing the internet at that time and none of your applications (Windows, Anti-virus software, etc.,) is due for an update within that time frame.
13. Are the TAJ 101 and 102 midterm and final exams completely theoretical?
14. Can I take more than one midterm or final exam in a day?
Yes, if needed, but it is not recommended because you will not be able to revise your subjects properly.
15. Will the final exam consist of all the modules pre and post midterm? For example, if we had 15 modules for the midterm and 15 modules after the midterm, will the final exam include all 30 modules? Or is it only 15 modules after the midterm?
Finals will be mostly from the modules after the midterm. However, there will be a few questions from the pre midterm portion based on core concepts. Neither dates nor names of places, etc., will be asked.
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