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1. I heard that there will be no more live sessions from now at IOU?

From Fall 2015 semester, the IOU has introduced a revised model of tutorial support which has replaced the previous system of live sessions (that required students to be online at specific times) with supplementary recorded tutorial sessions for some of our undergraduate and postgraduate degree, associate degree, and certificate programs in sha Allah. The recordings of these supplementary tutorial sessions are available 24/7 for the students to watch online and download. Students can pause and repeat the recordings of the supplementary tutorial sessions in order to develop a better understanding, take extensive notes, review certain parts, and revise as necessary.

2. In which courses the live session will still be conducted?

Please view the live session schedule here.

3. Will the revised model of tutorial support be applied to Tajweed courses?

No, this model does not apply to Tajweed courses. 
Tajweed live sessions are held. For details, you can go here.

4. How are the attendance marks given? Do I receive marks if I watch the recorded supplementary sessions conducted by the teachers?

In the courses where the revised model has been implemented, there are no marks allocated for watching the recorded supplementary sessions conducted by the teachers. However, students are encouraged to watch them have a better understanding of the course material. The 5% marks of the live session attendance have now been added to the assignments - increasing it to 15%. 
The evaluation scheme of the revised model is as follows:

This revised evaluation scheme provides an opportunity for the students to secure more marks for the efforts exerted in the research conducted for the assignments.

5. How do the students clarify their doubts pertaining to the course materials in the absence of live sessions?

The students can contact the teachers via the designated Ask the Teacher forums for each course to clarify their doubts about the study materials, engage in intellectual discussions, and have group discussions. Thus, enabling the IOU to adopt a student-centered study environment.

In addition, there are 2 live sessions per course per semester - one before the midterm exam and one before the final exam - where students may interact with the Teacher's live session and ask any questions they have related to the course. Attendance in these sessions is optional. The recordings of these sessions are also available after the class

6. From where can I access the "Supplementary Tutorial Sessions Recordings"? 

  • Under the header "Supplementary Tutorial Sessions Recordings" at the top of the course page. 

7. Do I get grades for watching the "Supplementary Tutorial Sessions Recordings"?


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