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1. What is the purpose of the community service requirement?

The aim of IOU for its students is not only to acquire knowledge but also to put their knowledge into action. Community service will give students the opportunity to analyze society critically, learn and reflect through meaningful tasks, and apply the knowledge acquired in IOU classrooms in a way that benefits the ummah. This requirement is in line with our motto "Changing the Nation through Education!"

2. Where can I perform my community service?

Since the main requirement is that IOU students participate in uplifting the Muslim community, a local masjid, a Muslim school, a da'wah group, or some community service projects already active in your local (Muslim) community are good choices. IOU strongly prefers that the community service hours be done in person, but if a legitimate excuse is provided, the community service can be performed online.

Sample Project Ideas:

  • Writing a book
  • Organizing event for orphans
  • Mobilizing a street clean-up
  • Organizing an Islamic Event
  • Fundraising for a worthy cause
  • Refurbishing poor family’s house
  • Building Website for Charity/dawah organization
  • Conducting an awareness campaign for various communal issues, Abuse, Health-related, Islamic, etc
  • Conducting Islamic classes
  • Building Islamic library, etc 

3. Is it mandatory to perform this service? What if I don't perform it?

Yes, this service is mandatory. Students will be given Degree/Diploma ONLY after reporting all the required hours of community service.

4. How many hours of community service do I have to complete in each semester? What is the total amount of the required hours?

Bachelor/Associate Degree students are required to complete 36 hours of community service per semester once they have completed 12 courses.

Intensive Arabic Program (IAP) students are required to complete 36 hours of Community Service per semester after completing 1st year curriculum.

Higher Diploma and MAIS students are required to complete 36 hours of community service per semester regardless of the number of courses completed.

The total amount of required hours of community service varies according to the length of their chosen program. Please see the table below for more details.

Programs Required hours per semester For the number of semesters Total hours required
4 year Bachelor's Degree/Advance Diploma 36 hours (after completing 12 courses) 6 216 hours
Bridge to MAIS 36 hours 3 108 hours
BMARB 36 hours 2 72 hours
MAIS 36 hours 4 144 hours
2 year Associate 36 hours (after completing 12 courses) 2 72 hours
IAP 36 hours (after completing the first-year curriculum) 2 72 hours
1-year Certificate Not required

Students following the accelerated study plan are also required to report the total required hours, as mentioned in the above table, irrespective of the number of semesters in which they complete the entire program.

5. On whom is this community service mandatory?

Bachelor degree students in all departments, bridge to MAIS, BMARB, IAP as well as students who are following the 2-year diploma programs are required to do community service.

6. What is the community service mandatory requirement?

All bachelor, BMAIS, BMARB, IAP, and 2-year diploma students are required to participate in voluntary Muslim community service in their local area. This service may be imparted at a local masjid, Muslim school, organization, institute or charitable trust, etc. engaged in the upliftment of the Muslim community. Female students, who cannot participate in outside-the-home activities, as well as those with disabilities, will fulfill their community services by forming a study group with their family, friends, or neighbors, where they will share the IOU acquired knowledge in a suitable simplified way. They may also form such a group through the means of virtual communications. It is important to note that home-based activities must be reported appropriately.

7. Should I perform and report the community service hours for each semester or can I do and submit them all together at the end of the whole course/degree?

Allah, exalted is He, loves most deeds that are performed regularly and constantly. Therefore, we advise you to perform and report your community service hours every semester so that by the end of your studies, public service becomes a part of your life, which in sha Allah will continue even after your studies at IOU have ended.

Students who cannot submit their community service hours at the end of the semester, due to any personal reason, may report them at a later stage. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the total amount of required hours needs to be reported in order to receive a degree or diploma.

8. May I do this community service work during the semester-breaks?

Yes, you may.

9. I am working as a volunteer for an Islamic organization. How should I report my work to IOU?

You need to download the 'Supervisor Form' from here, have it signed by your supervisor, and submit it through the 'Community Service' portal once you complete the required hours of service for each semester.

10. Can I report my community service in advance even though I'm a first or second-semester student and have not yet completed the minimum required a number of courses?

Yes, alhamdulillah, you may report your community service in advance.

11. Can I be given credit for providing community service to my immediate family members?

Da'wah/teaching is acceptable, but another kind of work like helping in household chores and spending on family members will not be counted.

12. How should I report my community service hours, if I'm doing them under no association or organization?

You need to fill this file and submit it to the 'Community Service' portal.

13. I have been serving my community for quite a long time. Can I be given credit for those services?

Yes, you can get credit for the work you have done since your first semester of the respective program at IOU.
14. I have submitted the Community Service Report a week ago. I do not see it tabulated yet. 
The Community Service hours are checked towards the end of the semester and are tabulated accordingly. 
15. Where can I see if my Community Service hours have been accepted or rejected?
You can check the status of your CS hours here:
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