Assignment Referencing

Referencing and Citation

  1. I don't get what referencing is. Please explain?

Referencing means crediting the work of another author. It means you mention where you got your information from, you do not steal any data from other researchers. 

2. Please explain more about referencing and bibliography. 

A reference list is the detailed list of references that are cited in your work. A bibliography is a detailed list of references cited in your work, plus the background readings or other material that you may have read, but not actually cited.

3. In some places the required format is APA and in other places it is Chicago, this is confusing. What's the difference between Chicago and APA style?

Always use the referencing style asked of you. The style to be used is usually mentioned in the assignment question document. If there is any confusion, you can always email the respective course teacher.

4. Can you please share some useful resources for referencing?

    1. Grammarly
    2. EndNote
    3. Bibtext
    4. citethisforme

5. Can I write footnotes in APA style?

APA style does not make use of footnotes.

6. Do we have to cite each time if we are studying the assignment from a single book?

In-text citations are to be made each time something is quoted from a particular source. However, it is enough to mention the reference only once in the reference list at the end of your assignment.

7. When you paraphrase information from someone's, do you still reference and how?

You still mention the source in your bibliography at the end. If you have paraphrased a specific finding, you also need to give an intext citation irrespective of the wording used. It is still the intellectual property of the concerned author whom you are quoting.

8. Is it compulsory to cite every para even if we have written it in our own words?

Please see the answer to question 7.

9. How to reference the assignments of courses with calculation e.g. Math?

Calculations do not need to be referenced, however, using a certain method, theory, or equation while solving your mathematical problems needs to be referenced as per the style mentioned.

10. Is there a minimum of books for reference we have to use?

For most assignments, 5-10 references should suffice. Not less than that, but the more, the better. For research articles, the number of references should generally be way more than that.

11. If in a single paragraph we have two citations, do we have to cite both of them at the end of the paragraph?

Yes, cite both. Refer to APA style manual for double author citations.

12. How to cite IOU modules?

Instead of citing the modules, cite the books being referred to in those modules.

13. If we take some material from a Course book which was further taken from another book, what should we refer to? Course book or the one referenced in the course book?

Better to always go to the original source.

14. Tell me how to write a bibliography but not a citation?

Please refer to the respective style manual for the detailed format of bibliographies.

15. We don't have to put a bibliography in APA right? Please confirm.

You always have to put an end of the document reference list. Unless something is written is entirely your own. Also, in that case, you must have gotten your ideas or opinions from somewhere, right? In that case, there is still a need to put a bibliography/works consulted at the end.

16. Can we include both references and bibliographies in our assignments?

Please refer to answer 2.

17. If it's for other religious assignments can we reference un-Islamic books, for example, assignment on Christianity?

Yes, you can depend upon the topic requirement.

18. What if one sentence is a combination of 2 different articles, how would we cite it?

Please refer to the APA manual for such citations.

19. Do we need to mention page numbers in references?

APA style manual provides a detailed format on how to cite articles, books, journals, etc.

20. Can we use youtube videos as references?

Not a preferred thing to do. If you must, rather refer to the books/sources the speaker has cited in the video itself.

21. If there is a different question on writing references, writing the bibliography is required?

Please refer to the previous answers.

22. Do we have to give a reference if we paraphrase?

Please refer to the previous answers.

Referencing Quran and Hadeeth

  1. For EHT 101, we have to use APA referencing, but the teacher has sent emails to use footnotes if we use Hadith other than Saheeh Bukhari and Muslim. How do we go about this?

APA does not make use of footnotes, if your teacher requires it, better ask him/her for a format.

2. How to cite the Quran and Hadith?

Cite the books of translation used (you would be using somebody’s translation, right?) just like you would cite any book. For in-text citations, (Surah number, Verse number)

3. How can one add Qur'an and Hadith in his/her reference list?

Refer to the above.

4. For Hadiths, we mention the source in reference or along with hadith?

Both, intext citation with the hadith, and complete reference at the end of the assignment.

5. If we use a hadith from Sahih Bukhari does the reference start with Sahih Bukhari as an author or the translator first?

Definitely the translator, publisher, year of publishing when it comes to the reference at the end of your assignment. (Sahih Bukhari, Volume number, Book number, Hadith Number) = intext

6. Can't we copy paste Quran verse and Hadith with reference?

You are supposed to copy and paste the Quran and Hadith. You can't change the wording of them, can you?

Assignment Research & Writing

  1. I really have issues on the computer assignments, both the instructions and questions are not understandable

Ask your TA for clarification

2. Can you suggest some websites to get Islamic materials for research?

Kalamullah library has plenty of ebooks, completely free to download.

3. Can someone share the list of websites which we are not supposed to use as BAIS students?

Those have been sent to you via email please refer to that list.

4. My assignment title is to collect the  Islamic lessons from the story on the theme TAWBAH. Should it be only related to Tawbah or all Islamic lessons from the story

Stick to what is asked of you in the assignment question.

5. How do you plan an assignment?

Time management, identify keywords, make an outline. Search all terms in your assignment question and thoroughly understand it before starting to write.

6. Kindly explain the skeleton of the assignments.

Varies from subject to subject, but generally, an introduction followed by the main body of the assignment and then a summary or conclusion.

7. Should the introduction be like, for example, This is the assignment for ECM104... or should the introduction be regarding the topic?

Regarding the topic, ALWAYS.

8. When there’s a question of ‘write a plan of how would you write this’. How to write that?

Depends on the subject. Refer to the relevant Teacher

9. Is the abstract same as the introduction? I wanted to know about the abstract . What is it we need to include it pls give example but for 1000-1500 assignment questions do we have to write an abstract?

For such short assignments, an abstract usually is not needed. And the abstract is not the same as the introduction. 

10. We have 5 questions, how shall the title be?

No title, start with question 1, and go from there.

11. Can I start my assignment with a normal Islamic introduction, like all praises to Allah?

You can, but that should come before the title, not in the body of the assignment itself.

12. How to get prepared for infographics. How do we search for pictures and content?

Google pictures are your best friend. But do not forget to credit pictures, do not steal content online.

13. Can the assignment title be the question itself? 


14. If the assignment is on discussing the strengths and limitations of therapy. What are the likely points required?

Exactly that. Strengths and limitations.

15. Can a plan consist of quotations of the idea we are providing?

Sure. Just don't make it all quotes and nothing else.

16. Can the body have more than one para?

The body is the largest section of the assignment and SHOULD have several paragraphs.


  1. Also, when you say double spacing do you mean after every word do I need to hit the spacebar twice throughout the document?

Set to double spacing in the formatting tab in MS Word and you’ll be fine.

2. Do we have to add the IOU logo on the Title page?

You do not have to, but it certainly looks better. So you should.

3. Can I have a display of the title page?

Refer to the slide in the lecture for a sample title page.

4. Do we have to write the title of the page/write the question at first and whether it will add to the word count?

The question comes first, then the answer. Questions are not included in the word count.

5. If we use a unified font color for topics in the assignment in a professional format, will it be okay? Or should it be just black?

Stick to black,

6. How can I include subheadings in a Chicago style paper?

Refer to the Chicago style manual.

Miscellaneous Issues

  1. How to check word count?

Bottom left corner of MS word

2. Does word count include Questions? or only answers?

Only answers

3. If the words are a little over is it ok?

A little, not more than 50-100 words at most.

4. How much time does it take to get grading on assignment after submitting?

Usually near the end of the semester

5. On average how many word counts should an assignment have?

It is mentioned in the assignment question sheet.

6. Are the references and bibliography included in the word limit?

Generally no, unless stated otherwise,

7. The first name in tagging the assignment file is SURNAME OR ONES FIRST NAME?

First name.

8. How am I to determine if the opinions expressed by authors are correct according to the Quran and sunnah? authors might believe they are correct but might be wrong

By sticking to the authors following the salaf.

9. is the translation included in the word count



  1. Why I was punished for plagiarizing after I had made sure to reference all the sources I used. I was told my plagiarism level is 40%

Ask your Teacher

2. When you check the plagiarism which % would be allowed?

Anything below 20% is fine

3. You mentioned not uploading assignments in online checkers...but that is the only option we have? What to do?

Only use reliable checkers online,

4. What if I have uploaded an assignment to our website and now it shows 42% similarity. What about it? are they deducing marks?

42% is too much. You will lose marks.

5. We don't have options to check assignments except through free what to do?

Use a reliable one.

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