Stream Change FAQ

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1. I have mistakenly registered for the wrong program. Should I re-register?

No, please contact They will get your stream changed. Please do not create a new account as creating and maintaining a duplicate account is against the policy and will result in the delayed admission process.

2. Is there any cost to change the stream?


3. Can stream be changed anytime throughout the year?

Students who are not enrolled in any course at a particular time can request stream change throughout the year. Paid and enrolled students can only request the stream change once the semester ends or before the end of the enrollment period. Stream change is not possible when the enrollment for a particular semester ends.

4. Are dual enrollment and stream change one and the same thing?

No. When a student wants to drop one program and intends to join another certificate/associate/degree it is known as stream change. Dual enrollment refers to the process when a student wants to pursue two programs simultaneously.  

5. What happens to the course that I have cleared in a chosen stream and is common in the new stream? Will I have to repeat the courses?

No, you will not be required to re-do. Rather stream change and internal credit will be processed simultaneously.

6. How long does it take to change the stream?

A maximum of 72 hours.

7. Who can apply for internal credit transfer?

Students of the following programs and departments can apply for internal credit transfer whereby the successfully completed courses’ grades will be transferred to contribute towards another degree, associate degree, or certificate program at the IOU.

The programs are as follows:

  1. Bachelor’s degree program
  2. Associate degree program
  3. 1-year certificate program
  4. Higher diploma – Bridge to MAIS program in the Department of Islamic Studies and Bridge to MA Arabic program
  5. Dual Program
  6. Master’s degree program

8. Is there any fee for applying for an internal credit transfer? If yes, how much?

No, there are no fees attached to it.

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